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Iran Travel

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Banks & Money

Banks & Money In Iran

Find information on Iran's currency - the rial - Iranian banks, where to change money, sending money to Iran and what currency to take with you to Iran.


Buses to + in Iran

There are many competing private and cooperatively-run bus services within Iran and long-distance domestic bus travel is generally comfortable and cheap by Western standards. Bus stations tend to be on the outskirts of most major cities.


Flights to + in Iran

Iran Air (Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran) is the official government-owned carrier and flies to many major destinations in Europe, Asia and other parts of the Middle East.

Iran Aseman, Mahan Air and Caspian Airlines are Iran's other major domestic carriers.

Rear of a Tehran city bus, Iran

Rear of a Tehran city bus, Iran

Imam Khomeini Airport.

Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran


Skydiving in Azadi


Tours to + in Iran

Tehran Metro & Metro Map

Tehran Metro + Map

Tehran's efficient metro system is the quickest and easiest way to travel across the huge metropolis.

50,000 Rial banknote with nuclear motif.


Trains to + in Iran

Rail travel especially in First Class is both comfortable, safe and cheap and there is often a restaurant car on the train. Sleeper services are available. Tickets can be booked up to a month in advance.

Taxis in Iran

Tehran taxis.

Iran has a long-established system of taxi-sharing. The key difference between a private cab and a shared taxi is that complete strangers who happen to be going the same way will jump in with you. Private cabs can be chartered to go anyway, including waiting time.

Drivers position themselves at bus stops and other major junctions and either call out a destination of their own choosing or be open to suggestions from a largely fixed set of popular nearby locations.

Some travellers simply choose a strategic point on a main road and call out to passing cars - chances are one or more of them will be a shared cab. It might be that you have to take more than one shared cab and walk a little to reach your destination but, at a fraction of the cost of a private cab, the shared taxi is a cost effective and efficient mode of transport between Tehrans major centres or within cities. Taxis are often a Paykan sedan painted orange or with an orange stripe.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran

Iran World UNESCO Heritage Sites

A listing of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Visas For Iran

Information on obtaining a visa to visit Iran and a list of Iranian embassies overseas.

Embassies in Tehran

Foreign Embassies in Tehran

A list of foreign embassies in Tehran.

Important Telephone Numbers

Airports, emergency, hospitals and tourist information.

Important telephone numbers in Iran

Dialing Codes in Iran

City telephone dialing codes

Time in Iran

Time Differences Iran & The World

Time offsets between Tehran and the rest of the world's cities.

Travel Advice for Iran

Useful travel tips for making the best of your stay in Iran including finance, dress codes and language help.

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