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Iran Culture

Iran & Iranian Culture

Iranian culture.

Articles on Iran and Iranian art, culture and history.

Read about religions in Iran including Islam, Zoroastrianism and the Bahai faith. Find information on Iranian cooking and cuisine, Iranian cinema and famous Iranians.

There are also articles about Iranian soccer, modern Iranian music, Persian carpets, shopping in Iran, bazaars and Iran's ethnic mix.

Iran A-Z - An A-Z listing of Iranian culture.

City Guides - A-Z guides to Iran's major cities.

Iranian History - Iran's history by historical period.

Religions in Iran - a look at the many different religions in Iran.

Iranian New Wave Cinema - Iran has a worldwide reputation for the excellence of its cinema.

Shopping In Iran - what to buy and where to buy it.

Famous Stores In Iran - some famous shops and stores in Iran.

Persian Carpets - all you need to know when buying a Persian carpet.

Persian Weddings - tying the knot Iran-style.

Persian Bridal Jewelry - what jewelry is worn by Iranian brides at their weddings.

Persian Wedding Traditions - a guide to the various traditions associated with weddings in Iran.

Persian Bazaars - a look at shopping in Iran's exotic bazaars.

Persian Home Decor - Iranian home furnishings.

Iranian Food & Cuisine - an introduction to Iranian cuisine.

Iranian Food - Favorite Dishes - some of Iran's most famous foods.

Iranian Food - Nuts & Dry Fruits - read a food guide to Persian snacks.

Iranian Food - Persian Recipes - recipes for rice and baked Persian desserts.

Iranian People - A closer look at Iranians: their hospitality, dress and habits.

Iranian Football - Iran is football mad, we look at the history of the game in Iran.

Iranian Premier League - an introduction to the IPL.

Iran Facts & Figures - statistics on Iran.

Iranian Manners & Mealtime Etiquette - how to behave in an Iranian home.

Iranian Etiquette tips - practical advice on how to behave socially in Iran.

taarof - a complicated (for foreigners) system of politeness, communicated both verbally and non-verbally, that has deep roots in the Iranian tradition of treating your guests better than your own family.

Rostam - Iran's favorite hero.

Iranian Festivals - Iran's major festivals.

Iranian Fashion - fashion for both men and women.

Iranian New Year Nowruz - Iran's New year festival.

The Night of Yalda - Yalda.

Chaharshanbe Suri - a prelude to Nowruz has its roots in Persia's Zoroastrian past.

Caravanserais - Iran's historic roadside inns for travelers and traders.

Sport & Games In Iran - Chess, backgammon, wrestling.

Traditional Persian Music - read an introduction to music in Iran.

Persian Calligraphy - historic Persian calligraphy.

Iranian Musical Instruments - traditional Iranian instruments.

Mohammad Reza Shajariyan - the master of Iranian classical song.

Mohammad Reza Lotfi - influential Iranian musician.

Images of Iran - view photographs of Iran.

Skiing & Ski Resorts in Iran - skiing in the Alborz mountains.

Basic phrases in Farsi - learn some basic Farsi for your trip to Iran.

Iran & Iranian [Persian] Culture Glossary - useful words for Iran.

Rumi - Iran's master poet.

Smoking the ghaliyan - a tobacco water pipe or hookah - smoking hookah in Iran.

Iran's Ethnic Mix - Iran's ethnic diversity.

Books on Iran & Iranian Culture