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Luristan (Lorestan) Province

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Iran City Guides - Luristan

Luristan (Lorestan) Province

  • Lorestan (Luristan, Lurestan or Loristan)
  • Khoramabad (Khorramabad) population over 300,000
  • Major site Falak Al-Aflak fortress
  • Located in the Zagros Mountains
  • Situated in western Iran

Khoramabad (Khorramabad)

Khoramabad (Khorramabad) is the capital of Luristan province. The city was founded in the Sassanid period and was first known as Shapur Khast meaning "as desired by Shapur". The name was later changed to Dezh-e Siyah meaning "black palace".

In the centre of the city on a rocky hilltop are the ruins of a Sassanid palace known as Falak Al-Aflak ("the sky of skies") since the Qajar period. Various reconstructions and improvements were carried out in the following centuries.

The walls, constructed with both fired and unfired bricks, once stood at 22m in height. The castle is nearly 23km in circumference and once had a single courtyard. Subsequent constructions divided this huge compound into two sections.

Numerous chambers connected with galleries remain as does an underground passage that allowed occupants to escape secretly. The palace was once used as a prison and is now a museum with many archaeological and anthropological exhibits.

Other points of interest are the 900-year-old brick tower, the Manar-e Ajon, a former beacon for travelling caravans and the Tavasuli mosque on Shakaster Street.

Access - how to get to Lorestan

There are flights to Tehran from Khoramabad Airport, 3km from the center of the town.
There are long distance buses to Tehran (approximately 8 hours via Qom), Esfahan (approximately 7 hours) and Kermanshah (3 and a half hours).

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