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Persian Home Decor

Iranian Culture - Home Décor with Persian Art

Persian Carpets | Persian Tiles | Miniature Paintings | Hookah

Home Décor with Persian Art

Mariam Noronha

For centuries now Persian arts and crafts have been among the most sought after in the world. If you are an art aficionado who is looking to carry a piece of Iran with you, what better way than decorating your home with indigenous artifacts? If you are working on a small budget and do not want to spend a lot on shipping the goods home here are some ideas to help you incorporate Persian art in to your home décor.

Persian carpet, Iran.

Persian Tree of Life Carpet

•Persian carpets are the most sought after by most visitors to Iran. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money there are Kilims or tribal rugs made by nomadic tribesmen. These rugs have rectilinear or abstract geometrical designs and make for an interesting, easy to care for and less expensive alternative to carpets.

•Persian tiles in yellow, turquoise, blue and white are a distinct feature of most buildings and structures in Iran. Tile making in Iran is centuries old and has undergone a number of changes in terms of technology and design. The range on offer includes luster-painted tiles, polychrome tiles and mosaic tiles. If buying tiles to decorate the walls is not possible you could buy just enough to create a coffee table with a tiled-top.

•Persian blue and gray pottery is another ancient art which has graduated beyond the realms of creating items for daily use. While modern techniques have made a dent in tradition, recent revival of interest in traditional pottery has kept traditional pottery workshops in business. For a splash of color in your living room choose from pottery in buff, gray and red (traditional colors) with painted patterns in red or black depicting animals, plants, people and angular designs. Jugs, cooking pots, bowls, mugs, jars…the range on offer is mind boggling!

Persian tile.

Iranian tile mosaic work

•Miniature Paintings depicting poems, stories and popular writings have traditionally decorated the pages of many Persian books. Patronized by Persian rulers miniatures have been a popular style of painting in Iran. For those who want a beautiful work of art, investing in a miniature is definitely one way of bringing home the color and beauty of ancient Persia.

•Lacquer Paintings in Iran are two centuries old. Pen boxes, mirror cases and jewel boxes depicting courtiers hunting and fighting bring a slice of history to life. You could also opt for designs depicting nature, geometric patterns, floral designs and arabesque designs for a contemporary touch.

•Woven wall hangings and traditionally spun and dyed sheets and cushion covers are some more light weight and inexpensive options that you could consider. Choose from traditional and contemporary designs to decorate your home.

•The hookah or smoking pipe is a common fixture in Persia and the Gulf countries. Customarily used to smoke tobacco, the hookah today has graduated to a much sought after decorative element in homes and restaurants across the globe. Crafted from metal and glass, available in traditional and contemporary designs, it is a much needed addition to a Persian rug, strewn with cushions in any corner of your home.

•Decorative metal works from Iran add that glow to your living room or corridor. Plates, buckets, candlesticks, chairs and lights in tin-tempered copper and engraved brass embossed with birds and animals are some options you can choose from.

The range of Persian arts and crafts on offer across the country ensures variety and quality. Don't let budgetary constraints or lack of imagination prevent you from picking artifacts that have been painstakingly crafted - go ahead and incorporate these home décor ideas for a slice of Persia in your home!

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