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Iranian Fashion

Iranian Culture - Modern Day Iranian Fashion

Contemporary Iranian Fashion

Mariam Noronha

Fashion in Iran.

Modern Iranian men and women in Iran and all over the world dress mostly in Western clothes. Iranians who live outside Iran also wear local fashions in a bid to blend in to the crowd.

Most Iranians are very fashionable and very brand-conscious. Iranians living in big cities in Iran and major cities of the world tend to dress more fashionably than those from smaller towns.

Age is no bar and even the older generation of women also tends to be very fashion conscious, almost never seen in public without make-up and perfume. It is probably make up that seems to be the only way that they can express themselves and many of them tend to overdo it in a bid to be rebellious and make an individual style statement.

Dress Code

The Islamic dress code is strictly enforced in Iran. Women usually wear trench coats with trousers and cover their heads with head scarves. A chador is a must while entering religious places. The code calls for women to cover their hair, necks and arms. Men are not allowed to wear shorts.

Fashion for Women

Modern women in Iran today, wear a "manteau" or trench coat. The trench coats have long sleeves and are usually knee length or below the knee. The length of the overcoat does change with time and fashion trends.

For some time, really long trench coats were in but for a few years now very short coats are widely worn. Women cover their hair with a scarf or shawl. The makneh is a traditional headgear that is stitched to keep hair strictly off a woman's face and can be donned in just a few seconds. The age gold Iranian way of tying a head scarf however is by folding the two opposite corners of a scarf to get a triangle and tying the scarf around your head while knotting it at the chin.

Trousers or dark stockings are worn under the overcoat. Socks and stockings are available in a wide range of styles and fabric. The chador is worn by women for prayers and entering religious places. Yards of wispy fabrics and lace make a beautiful chador .

Most Iranian women love black and you will find them dressed in this color all year round.

Fashion for Men

Iranian men are well turned out and most of them wear formal shirts and trousers or suits to work. Short sleeves and "Western" clothing can be a cause for concern. Shorts, T-shirts and ties are not worn in public places.

Dressing up for occasions

Many Iranians dress very Western for private functions and events. If you are visiting government agencies, schools, and embassies obeying the rules is highly recommended.

Prominent Iranian Fashion Designers

There are a number of Iranian fashion designers making their mark on the fashion industry today. Contemporary Iranian designers like Jasmin Shokrian, Maryam Mahdavi and Shirin Guild together with the likes of Micheal Soheil, Shadi Parand, Behnaz Sarafpour and Hushidar "Hushi" Mortezaie live in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles and are working towards design excellence and creativity.

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