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Iran's Ethnic Mix

Iranian Culture - Iran's Ethnic Mix

Iran's Ethnic Groups

Being positioned at a geographical crossroads on the ancient Silk Road between East and West, Iran has always been a cultural melting pot too. It may surprise you to know that Iran has the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel and that up to 50% of its population of over 68 million people are Turks.

Modern Iran

Yet modern Iran is far from fragmenting along ethnic lines. Somehow, in spite of political upheaval and a number of separatist uprisings in recent history, Iranians maintain a powerful sense of nationhood.

Perhaps it's the same sense of cultural identity that has enabled the idea of "Iran" to not only survive successive invasions by Turks, Mongols and Arabs but also to assimilate the invaders into the native culture. Iran's tribes are diverse, colourful and fiercely proud but above all, Iranian.

Traditional dress, music, food and crafts are some of the appealing aspects of Iran's ethnic mix that visitors can appreciate.

These are Iran's most important ethnic and cultural groups.

Azeri Turks

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