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Iran Visitor Guide: Hotels, Flights & Tourist Information

A Guide to Iran, Its People & Culture

Guide to Iran

At tourists and business travelers will find Iran travel essentials: hotel accommodation booking services, flight reservations, and mobile phone rental.

Visit our guides to Iran's major cities and tourist destinations including Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. Get the essential when and where and how to get there in our Iran travel section including information on buses, trains, tours, visas and important telephone numbers in Iran.

For people interested in Iranian culture read articles on Persian food and cuisine, history and etiquette.

Iran Travel Essentials

Nearly all foreign nationals require a visa to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran. Visitors are usually granted a 30 day tourist visa and may travel independently except US nationals who are usually required to join an organized tour of Iran. Travelers to Iran can get their Iran visa from an approved Iranian travel agency.

Guide to Iran. Iran Travel: information on getting around Iran by bus, train and airplane.
Iran City Guides Iran Travel
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Introducing Iran to the World

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Iranian culture: read articles on food, etiquette and language. Persian History: from pre-history to the present day.
Iranian Culture Persian History
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Write About Iran

Knowledgeable about Iran? Have you recently been on holiday in Iran or visited Iran on business? Wish to share that knowledge of the country with others? We are looking for freelance writers on Iran. Contact us for further details.

Books on Iran & Persian Culture

Before you visit Iran, see our section of guidebook reviews and books on Iran, Iranian history, cinema and famous Iranians. We review books on Persian cuisine, culture, history, Islam and contemporary Iranian society.

Need an idea of what you will find in Iran? Go to our image section to see photographs of Iran, including images of Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Mashhad and Kermanshah.

Iran & Iranian Culture

Iranian people have a wonderful reputation as welcoming and hospitable hosts. Find all manner of interesting information about Iranian food, etiquette, dress codes for women travelers and the Farsi language on our Iranian culture and history pages. Learn about shopping in Iran, what to buy and how to get it home including Persian carpets and kilim.

Keep up to date with contemporary Iranian cinema, famous Iranians, Iran weather, and the architectural and archaeological wonders of this largely ignored part of the world from a tourist perspective.

Snapshots of Iran
Car license plate Mosaic tile. Persian carpets. Contemporary Art. Azadi Monument, Tehran, Iran.
CarsMosaics CarpetsArt Monuments

Iran Travel Guide

Iranian City Guides

See our city guides for more detailed information on Iranian cities, including where to stay, what to do and how to get there.

Tehran, Ahvaz, Alamut, Ardebil, Azerbaijan, Bam, Bandar-e Anzali, the Caspian Coastline, Esfahan, Hamadan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Luristan, Mashhad, Qom, Rey, Shiraz, Sultanieh, Yazd.

Iran Map

Click the map graphic below to load the Iran map in Flash format. Information on provincial capitals, rivers, lakes, railway lines, roads, national borders and Iran's terrain.

Iran map. Click here for Flash version.

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